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Grant Lee Phillips – Strangelet

Grant Lee PhillipsStrangeletThe relative commercial/critical failure of Grant Lee Buffalo has seemingly had a twofold effect on the subsequent solo career of frontman Grant-Lee Phillips. On the one hand, it’s allowed him the freedom to explore his most endearingly esoteric and fashion-less desires, on another it’s lead him to wallow in his most … [Read more...]

Little Brazil – Tighten the Noose

Little BrazilTighten the NooseThere’s a worrisome strain of over-earnestness in Little Brazil’s music that the band wrestles with throughout Tighten the Noose, besting it and being bested, often within the same song. Their roots in Omaha and familiarity with the likes of Cursive and Bright Eyes will give you a handy mental shortcut when imagining … [Read more...]

Bloody & the Transfusions – Bloody & the Transfusions

Bloody & the TransfusionsBloody & the TransfusionsIt can be difficult to find unadulterated punk rock these days with the eminence of catchy pop-punk bands like Fall Out Boy, but Bloody & The Transfusions manages to capture the spirit of bands like The Dead Kennedys and the Cramps. Punk rock veteran Bloody Mess is back with this new band, … [Read more...]

The Siderunners – Cook County Blue

The SiderunnersCook County BlueSituated in the middle of the prairie, it’s no surprise that Chicago spits out the occasional alt-country group. One such group is the Siderunners, a four-piece of predictable combination. Featuring two guitarists – Sappy, the vocalist, and Nate Van Allen, backup vocalist – standup bassist Todd Hill and Andy Abrisz … [Read more...]

Lesbian – Power Hör

LesbianPower HörThe name of the band is Lesbian. Yeah, you got it. Lesbian. The band describes their choice of monikers thusly: “...equally-cool names like Black Sabbath, Venom and Pentagram were already taken. But also, the name Lesbian evokes pure, sexually-charged freedom - and, that's what rock music is all about.” That being said, let … [Read more...]

Clouds – Legendary Demo

CloudsLegendary DemoOn Legendary Demo Adam McGrath and friends salute their rock n' roll roots with 7 original jams of garage band perfection. The band sweats buckets of dense Southern riffs and spits out a few punk standards. This working man's band is Clouds, a collection of modern indie rock and core vets. The guys cover a lot of ground on this … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Black Eyes and Broken Bones: Hardcore Volume #1

Various ArtistsBlack Eyes and Broken Bones: Hardcore Volume #1Black Eyes and Broken Bones covers a wide range of Canadian hardcore over 31 tracks. For hardcore listeners (and related genres), there is something everyone can get into. There are some definite duds here with crappy recordings or just plain generic offerings, but also some worthy … [Read more...]

Novi Split – Pink in the Sink

Novi SplitPink in the SinkFor all intents and purposes, Novi Split is the music of David Jerkovich “with a little help from friends D. Ahearn, Jens Fleming, Jeff ‘fish hand’ Rolfredo, Michael Rozon, and Nathaniel Carroll,” as stated in the liner notes of his new album Pink in the Sink. Thus, Jerkovich joins the ranks of Cat Power (Chan Marshall) … [Read more...]

Black Tie Review – Chicago – Memories, Illinois – 2007-03-23

Black Tie ReviewWhere: Chicago - Memories, Illinois.When: 2007-03-23The EL (Elevated Lines) doesn't allow smoking and I'm not partial to unscheduled stops, but nobody gets what they want nowadays. I'm Jenna Thompson and I'm not holdin' back. Walking down Montrose Avenue towards some no name bar - Memories as I recall - I realize this might not … [Read more...]

Primes – Weapons Tanks Fire

PrimesWeapons Tanks FireSo in honor of the interview that I did with my friend Jack Joseph Duckworth, I thought I would do a mini series highlighting his bands. The first entry is Primes...I copy and pasted my review of their original CD. I think it is still appropriate, although the new songs are a little bit softer yet more jarring and have quite … [Read more...]