Lesbian – Power Hör

Power Hör

The name of the band is Lesbian. Yeah, you got it. Lesbian. The band describes their choice of monikers thusly: “…equally-cool names like Black Sabbath, Venom and Pentagram were already taken. But also, the name Lesbian evokes pure, sexually-charged freedom – and, that’s what rock music is all about.”

That being said, let us move on to what is really important about this band – their music. Or should I say, their epic journey across a sonic landscape that transcends the boundaries of what metal has been thought of until recently. Most offerings from Lesbian’s contemporaries cannot compare to the sweeping arrangements, intricate rhythm patterns and incomparable changes in mood and style throughout the album. Lesbian is more complex and intriguing than anything its members have done to date (Golgothan Sunrise, The Abodox, etc.) and it more than shows on their debut album Power Hör.

This album, though divided into four “songs”, would seem more of a total package than a collection of individual tracks; nearly a concept piece, if you will. Though each track can stand on its own, I can’t stress enough that this album needs to be taken in its entirety to be fully appreciated. The minimal vocals on the album are more of an accent to the instrumentation than a main focus, which adds a unique feel to the sections they pop up in. The transitions throughout Power Hör are astounding and inspiring, evoking well defined mood changes through stylistic translation and dynamic flux within the structure of the songs. This is exactly the kind of wake up call that psychedelic metal needs in this country! This is Lesbian.

As far as debut albums are concerned, Power Hör is among the finest I have heard in a long, long time. These four visionaries have brought to the table a heaping helping of seriously heavy music, and I don’t think anyone who eats from the table of Lesbian will go away hungry. This band is a force to be reckoned with, and reckon you shall!