Holy Molar – Cavity Search

Holy Molar
Cavity Search

Grinding, stuttering, blipping, stopping, boinking, popping, starting, whining – Holy Molar play spazz-core. Spazz is post-hardcore’s bastard child of punk, grind and industrial. Sharing members with The Locust and other “noise-art” bands, Holy Molar are like a coke-fueled super group in the genre. Their recent release, Cavity Search, features more synth and keyboard than most spazz, and the result is a sci-fi body in seizure, simultaneously spewing and ingesting high fructose bile.

A few years ago I saw The Locust open for another band. I don’t remember the headliner, but I didn’t forget The Locust. The impression sticks not because it is profound but because it so shocks the senses that attention must be paid. Spazz is a musical spectacle, and the success of the genre is largely due to the impact of live performances.

Instead of the insect-themed display of The Locust, Holy Molar don dentist garb and want to do weird things in your mouth. But audiences are already accustomed to the assault, and aurally Cavity Search is more of the same.

Whether you love spazz-core or just want to try a different kind of hardcore, Holy Molar will give you more than a taste – they’ll cram you full. Cavity Search is good, but it also marks the peak and the beginning of the end for the genre. Anything that relies on shock value is doomed to a short shelf life.