Hammock – Raising Your Voice…Trying to Stop an Echo

Raising Your Voice…Trying to Stop an Echo

It’s been much warmer lately than in recent weeks. This has caused an abrupt stop to my “winter” listening; that is, the amount of resolved, slower-moving, intricate compositions has been on the wane with more animated, richer tunes regaining prominence. I’ll admit that my seasonal listening preferences are often dictated by distinctions rather arbitrary, but, regardless, this sudden shift to a warmer climate has had some of my internal devices askew.

One of my choice albums of the last season was Hammock’s latest work, Raising Your Voice…Trying to Stop an Echo. For some reason, though the temperature has changed, it fits comfortably into these new conditions, releasing a joyous luminosity sought typically in the sky. Hammock bridge this gap by managing to craft delicate, deliberate, ambient shoegaze-ish music that still shines with a silhouetted effervescence and undeniable vibrancy, like a glacier slowly and elegantly traversing the surface of the sun.

Taken through a passive listen, Raising Your Voice… fails. Its ethereal washes and placid guitars quickly fall into homogeneity and the occurrence is dismal. However, the album’s gentle and, at times, cautious nature demands intimacy, imploring a listener to approach its sonic fibers as a grand tapestry to be adorned in solitude. Once observed in seclusion, you begin to pick up on the subtle movement that occurs over the course of the pieces, flowing competently and effortlessly into one another while creating an immersive and dream-like experience.

Raising Your Voice… is as frail as a trail of smoke, but it has a certain consistency and an unfettered ardor that maintains its structural integrity even at the hands of the harshest winds.