DRATS!!! – Welcome to New Granada

Welcome to New Granada

I don’t watch many movies. They’re a huge waste of time, ruining my pragmatism with their messages and special effects. The brain-rotting images kill my sex drive and give me seizures. And, to top it off, my already stunted imagination commits suicide. It’s bad news, I tell ya.

So, thankfully, DRATS!!! concocted a CD called Welcome to New Granada, inspired by the 1979 cult classic Over the Edge, which means I can take all I want from the movie without ever having to watch it. Bonus. It‘s awesome, as well, that the music rocks. A short album at less than half an hour, this ear candy amuses and edutains simultaneously. It’s weirdo rock but it never not rocks, and the songs are catchy in a Big Star and dB’s kind of way.

“Recreational Blues (Julia)” is the most ear-catching track on Welcome to New Granada. It’s a ballad in the vein of the dB’s “Judy”, like a ‘50s slow dance coming back to life. Nothing disappoints. It leads me to wonder if the rest of the band’s catalog stands up to this fun document of homage.

Welcome to New Granada makes we wanna see more albums inspired by movies. I wonder if it matches up to its inspiration like Floyd and The Wizard of Oz. Definitely mind-fucking. If I could never watch another movie again because of a sudden rush of bands building albums based on movies, I would shit my pants and barf on myself. A new reality where we don’t use eyes (to watch films), but only ears (to listen to their sonic interpretation), would also somehow end racism. Think about it: DRATS!!! has solved racism with a single idea. Wait, sorry; that was my imagination coming back to life.