Das Oath – s/t

Das Oath’s self-titled release is ten minutes of bust-you-in-your-lip, screaming hardcore punk. Uncaged mayhem, it’s hemorrhaging violence.
The best part is, for all the music’s fury, the individual tracks are intelligible and complete. Primitive and crude maybe, but not mindless noise and static. Das Oath shows acumen in the eye of a lumbering hulk, and often that is even more destructive than blind rage.

The guitar’s range is fully explored; the playing sloppy, but honest. Same goes for the rest of the band. The vocal delivery is a force much like Jake Bannon’s from Converge – bloody throated disregard. Tempos are frantic in tracks 1, 3, and 4. Tracks 5 and 7 surge unpredictably, and tracks 2 and 6 march on steadily.

There is nothing careful or crafted about Das Oath’s songs, but these guys are good at what they do. There is a passion for thrash and a nod to the history of underground hardcore punk, all of which are made modern again. Some of their know-how comes from experience – the guys have kicked around a bit in different bands. The band’s history, which started in the Netherlands, is spelled out on the label’s bio page. Check them out.