Clouds – Legendary Demo

Legendary Demo

On Legendary Demo Adam McGrath and friends salute their rock n’ roll roots with 7 original jams of garage band perfection. The band sweats buckets of dense Southern riffs and spits out a few punk standards. This working man’s band is Clouds, a collection of modern indie rock and core vets. The guys cover a lot of ground on this “demo”, from soul-punching low-end Zeppelin bends, to Sabbath-esque muted riffing, to Stooges-inspired punk lust, all generously buttered up with burning leads and a variety of vocal styles.

In true side-project style, these guys are cutting loose, expelling their classic rock and punk demons under the leadership of McGrath and Jim Carroll. Legendary Demo is a fireball of straight ahead rock, perfect for the car or a crowded house party. It’s fun with lots of balls and just enough anger to make things interesting.

Brief slow jams and episodes of psychadelia accentuate the heavy riffs and give you room to breathe. This kind of disc can be common ground where snotty scenesters can bond with their 30 year-old brother-in-law – theoretically. Tracks “New Amnesia”, “Pressure”, “Party Grunge”, “Mountain Jim”, “Guardian’s Eye’s” and “Magic Hater” are primarily Southern riffing showcases, but there’s a lot to every song. “Live It for Now” is the only song that is primarily punk. The eighth and closing track, “Quartulli Dub” is a 20 minute reggae-psych jam that will be interesting to some, disc filler to most. But the first half of the disc is solid rock n’ roll.

Legendary Demo’s shelf life is hard to predict. But damn, it feels pretty good right now. If your music collection is anchored by the best of Sabbath, Zeppelin and the like, then there’s a place for Clouds.