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Bloody & the Transfusions
Bloody & the Transfusions

It can be difficult to find unadulterated punk rock these days with the eminence of catchy pop-punk bands like Fall Out Boy, but Bloody & The Transfusions manages to capture the spirit of bands like The Dead Kennedys and the Cramps. Punk rock veteran Bloody Mess is back with this new band, on tour now promoting this loud, fast, and brash album.

These Midwestern guys out of Peoria, Illinois, know how to make exciting and entertaining music with noisy drums, the gruff wail of Bloody Mess, and great guitar solos. Bloody Mess has quite a history, playing with numerous bands and even performing with the legendary GG Allin.

Bloody sings about hangovers, wild shows, corporate radio, and Alice Cooper, with strong backing by bassist Lincoln Log. In “FMFU”, Bloody does his best impersonation of a radio DJ, addressing the poor quality of the music and the huge number of commercials that are played. “(still) Hungover & Stoned” is a 5-minute 26-second ode to long nights of drinking, while “Creepi Coola” is about Bloody’s favorite rock star; change up the letters in the song’s title and it is pretty obvious to whom Bloody is referring.

“Wake Up” is a 10-96 cover, and “The Asshole Song” is just what the title sounds like, and a really humorous song at that. The lyrics are a in some songs very funny, if a bit juvenile; its just what to expect from energetic, fevered punk. The band switches up genres to a lilting country western in “Minds Blown In San Antone”, and this is a nice change of pace. After a few listens, the album got a bit repetitive, but for lighthearted and lively punk, Bloody & The Transfusions succeed on this offbeat and amusing album.