Antination – anarki ne peeje

anarki ne peeje

Stumbling through drone metal and Seattle’s best known contribution to America’s pop culture, Antination brings international grunge to an equally gloomy setting: the war-torn province of Kosovo. Featuring the typical wailing vocals and deliberate rhythm of Alice in Chains, the group delivers depressing lyrics over abrasive guitars leaving the audience squinting at the crackling wall of sonic force. Despite the sparse sound and simplistic rhythm section, Antination manages to add a dualistic depth with occasional flurries of percusion and manic yelling.

“Schizofrenic Neology” starts out with a double picked palm muting, but soon goes into a series of chord progressions involving harmonic wikka wikka’s and the everpresent wails of Visar Zitriqi. The song continues to bounce between the droning malarkey and compact palm muting. Unlike Alice in Chain’s, however, the obligatory guitar solo is far more minimalist than necessary. After trudging through a five minute build up, the lead guitarist, Neli, adds little to the melody.

Showing a punk-ish sensibility, “anarki ne peeje” kicks out the jams with an MC5 style unbridled rock spirit. Much faster than their other numbers, “anarki ne peeje” also features a crunchier distortion and uncharacteristically goofy yelps from Zitriqi. Shorter than their other songs at three minutes thirty seconds, “anarki ne peeje” is more concentrated with a raging quality unheard in other songs. Although the other songs are nice in a typical grunge way, “anarki” is worth checking out Antination’s myspace.

The song “I doubt” is similar to “Schizofrenic Neology”, seperated only by its elegiac qualities and machine gun-like rhythm guitar. Which shows the weakness of the current grunge genre: lack of ingenuity. Unlike the people of Kosovo, most perveyors of the modern grunge scene are little more than tough emo kids; lacking the creativity to innovate their genre or incorporate new sounds, these sycophants mope about like the 90’s never ended replacing ripped jeans with the greasy film of uncleanliness. Hopefully Antination won’t become complacent and will continue to try ditties like “anarki ne peeje”.