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Complicated Shirt – Compromising Compositions

Complicated ShirtCompromising CompositionsThe wiseacres in Complicated Shirt have disgorged another release for the world to consider. Compromising Compositions, the band's second full-length, shows that the band hasn't lost its edge in the couple of years between releases. This one's a roller coaster, too. The New York trio takes the approach … [Read more...]

Mouthus – Follow This House

MouthusFollow This HouseThe members of Mouthus have been very busy lately. The duo's 2006 album, The Long Salt, channeled the splattering percussion and warped tape rot of groups like Dead C and Hair Police. Since then the band has been releasing material at an alarming rate. In the last year alone Nate Nelson and Brian Sullivan have had a 3-way … [Read more...]

House on Ponce de Leon – Revisitation EP

House on Ponce de LeonRevisitation EPInstrumental music and EPs are both interesting animals. While EPs are so short that I’m often left wanting more (of the good stuff, of course!), instrumental discs are often so monotonous that I want less. So when the debut EP from California instrumental duo House on Ponce de Leon came my way I figured it … [Read more...]

A Luna Red – The Death Birds

A Luna RedThe Death BirdsSo, I met my good friend Jack Joseph Duckworth from this band. Well, I actually met him through his girlfriend at the time, Sarah, who ran this rad site called back in the late nineties. I think it was 2000 or 2001 and I was booking a tour for one of my friend's bands. I talked to her for some booking contacts … [Read more...]

Panther – Secret Lawns

PantherSecret LawnsWho would have thought a lowly rock crit like myself would have something in common with Charlie Salas-Humara. Turns out we’re both Panthers. You see, as a graduate of a suburban high school with a heroin problem lo those many years ago I was a panther. Well, in the sense that it was our school mascot. But Salas-Humara is … [Read more...]

Rivulets – You Are My Home

RivuletsYou Are My HomeBeing the third full-length album by solo artist Nathan Amundson as the Rivulets, this debut on Important Records is a strong showing. Where the recording on the two previous albums had a rougher feel, You Are My Home sounds a bit more clean and polished. But, not too polished as to take away the rawness that give the … [Read more...]

Hammock – Raising Your Voice…Trying to Stop an Echo

HammockRaising Your Voice...Trying to Stop an EchoIt's been much warmer lately than in recent weeks. This has caused an abrupt stop to my “winter” listening; that is, the amount of resolved, slower-moving, intricate compositions has been on the wane with more animated, richer tunes regaining prominence. I'll admit that my seasonal listening … [Read more...]

Cercueil – S/T EP

CercueilS/T EPThis self-titled EP contains five tracks of copacetic, synth-based electro-pop from Cercueil, the French duo of Penelope Michel and Nico Devos. Strains of goth and industrial rhythms intertwined with electronic sound effects permeate through the synth-rock foundation as Cercueil blur the boundaries between dark electronic soundscapes … [Read more...]

JJ Wax – Soft Riot (demo)

JJ WaxSoft Riot (demo)Honestly, I knew this was coming. Jack Joseph Duckworth has always immersed himself in electronic music, but over the last few years it has kind of consumed him. Well, at least his art. This is me talking for Jack, but I think it is just the freedom of exploration instead of the tight confines of guitar rock - which he … [Read more...]

The Mitchells – Slow Gears

The MitchellsSlow GearsLet’s pretend for a moment that the Mitchells really are a family. Staunchly middle class, with twin sons of 14 years, Mark and Bethany have lived in Northampton, Massachusetts since 1987, when Mark moved to the town to pursue a career in hardware sales. He started out on the floor at Home Depot, specializing in lumber and … [Read more...]