Zydepunks – Madeliene/Satan Dance You Fukr

Madeliene/Satan Dance You Fukr

I absolutely adore all of the world’s bastardized styles of music – especially anything that includes traditional Eastern and Western European – and therefore was quite giddy to discover the Zydepunks while searching for some new (to me) “gypsy punk.” While the New Orleans based group has released two albums on its own, it seems word-of-mouth is still the norm and I’m glad to be newly in the know. What drew me to the Zydepunks was the band’s self-description, which includes “Cajun,” “Irish,” “Klezmer,” “Slavic,” and, of course, “Zydeco.” How could I resist?

The first song the group offers up is an Acadian traditional called “Madeleine.” Though I can’t understand a word of what is being sung, I really dig the raucous beat driven by the fiddler. The Zydepunks website does offer an English translation, but it is almost more fun to stay clueless about the lyrics and just enjoy the music.

The second song, “Satan Dance You Fukr” pulled me in on the name alone, but I discovered a great instrumental with enough flair to give some of my favorite bands a run for their money. “Satan Dance You Fukr” would be perfect for a bit of dancing on a hot summer night, which is the perfect vision on this cold, cold night in February. In addition to the lovely accordion on this track, the fiddle player shines again.

The Zydepunks are well worth checking out if you enjoy fun, upbeat music of any of the styles listed above. Like Gogol Bordello, Kultur Shock, and many of the other similar bands making a name for themselves in the past few years, the Zydepunks expertly blend traditional styles with contemporary and the results couldn’t be more enjoyable.