Titan – A Raining Sun Of Light and Love For You and You and You

A Raining Sun Of Light and Love For You and You and You

With their first official studio release, please welcome… Titan! Though formed back in 2005, and having some self- released material, this Brooklyn, N.Y. powerhouse has finally earned the opportunity to have their sound recorded the way it should be – crystal.
Clear like a cold, cloudless winter night-sky. Clean, warm tones, fuzz where there should be fuzz, incredible guitar and organ work, and inventive bass and drum lines. Comparisons to old Hawkwind and the like may stand, but these guys are, in every way, their own entity.

The first track of A Raining Sun Of Light and Love For You and You and You leads in with the lilting notes of an acoustic guitar accompanied by easy vocal styling for the first minute-plus before “Annals of the Former World” explodes into riff heavier territory. The pummeling drums, rolling bass lines, and clean Hammond- style organ work beautifully with fuzz laden guitar riffs. A 70’s flavored, improv space-rock gem to be sure. In addition, the sparse vocal placement lends itself to the idea of broken messages from forgotten times. With this song to open, one could only wonder what treasures the rest of the album has in store. Read on…

Unlike track one, “Hashishin Ohel” is an instrumental piece (as is the rest of the album), conveying a sense of traveling through desert lands at night as part of a long Bedouin caravan. Soaring melodies sent high into the dry desert air, chronicling the long passage of weary travelers. Epic.

Then…liftoff! Blasting back into space in a vessel propelled by driving sonic force alone “Obelisk Orbit Overdrive” heads for the deeper regions of the cosmos. Hurtling through the first six and a half minutes of the song at breakneck pace with precision and clarity, the crew of this mighty ship is free to coast for a bit and enjoy a brief respite through some chill effects work before segueing into the closer for the album, “Averuf Der Pilze.”

This track song is a bouncy, jangly, fun song. The riff, for what ever reason, brought to mind a lot of the soundtrack for “The Life Aquatic.” Maybe it was the “watery wash” kind of sound near the beginning, maybe not. Anyhow, it is a solid, catchy tune to go out on; with a nice blues slide guitar to finish at the end of the song.

With a studio debut like this, Titan are definitely on the move and one can see why they’ve shared the stage with bands like Boris, DMBQ and Blue Cheer; just to name a few. This album hits stores Feb. 6 and it is gonna hit ‘em hard!