The Asteroid #4 – An Amazing Dream

The Asteroid #4
An Amazing Dream

Toting reverb-soaked guitars and vocals, sonically the Asteroid #4’s album An Amazing Dream is unfailingly astral. But the songs are inconsistent – equal parts good and bad – the good sporadically nestled between stretches of stodgy space rock.

The Asteroid #4 is best when they focus on song writing, coming up with strong chord transitions that develop into the hook. And their smart, sincere lyrics are usually better than their abstract, poetic ones. It is when they get bogged down in texture and ambiance that things go awry.

The opening track “Take Me Down” is a great start; “Here We Go” is an average, lazy, bluesy surf-rock tune. Track three, “The Shepherd”, is a plodding, effects-laden acoustic song with little listener appeal. “Outside” features a smart acoustic intro that dives in to a driving rhythm and catchy chorus – might remind some listeners of Oasis. “Ask Me about Pittsburgh” is an easy favorite, starring painfully authentic lyrics and melody you’ll wish you could smell in your pillow.

In the latter half of the album, the good songs are harder to find. Even after several listens you won’t recall “To Be in Your Eyes”. “Shoot Out the Stars” is a floating acoustic number with lots of percussion-less, swirling ambiance that ascends to nothing. “Go Ahead” is a lukewarm pop song. “Into the Meadow” is dumb, frankly, not so much for the content as the vocal delivery. But An Amazing Dream finishes strong with “Belong”, a sky-is-falling rock song, the kind you should really hear live.

Fans of dream pop and space rock should enjoy this fourth album by Philadelphia chameleons The Asteroid #4, but indie rock and pop purists won’t remember An Amazing Dream in the morning.