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Zozobra – Harmonic Tremors

ZozobraHarmonic TremorsThis is the album that Cave In Fans had wished Perfect Pitch Black would have been. Mixing the ferocity of Old Man Gloom with Until Your Heart Stops era Cave In, with equal parts Frodus, Godflesh, and Unearthed. Caleb's voice is stronger on this album than any other thing I have heard him on, even including Christmas … [Read more...]

The Frames – The Cost

The FramesThe CostI often hear comments about what people think is wrong with today’s music industry but what is rarely ever touched on is the listeners. Oftentimes, I feel that today’s listener treats music like fashion where it’s all about the image and the latest trends. This is incredibly unfortunate because genuinely great bands like The … [Read more...]

Sono Oto – The Apple EP

Sono OtoThe Apple EPThe liquid running down your chin after polishing off Sono Oto’s The apple EP may only be the drool prompted by the sugar-induced coma you just fell into. Relentlessly bouncy and drawing from the same sunshine-pop well that sustains the Elephant 6 diaspora, Sono Oto can likewise lure you along with a hook whose only purpose is … [Read more...]

Interview with Lovitt Records

"I feel like Lovitt is relevant, but others may not," says label founder Brian Lowitt. "It does not matter to me if others view it the same way as I do." This is the sort of "no-nonsense, punk aesthetic" that Lovitt and its bands have shown off since things began back in 1995. Started in Greensboro, N.C. and later moved to Arlington, Va., Lovitt … [Read more...]

Interview with Clem Snide

Helping with the task of carrying the torch for smart songwriters everywhere is New York's Clem Snide. They have three consistently well-received full lengths under their belts: You Were a Diamond (re-issued in 2002 by SpinArt), Your Favorite Music, and The Ghost of Fashion. With a new disc due this year, they've spent the past decade and more … [Read more...]

Interview with Chris Brokaw

Chris Brokaw is an amazingly versatile and productive musician. Perhaps best known for his work with Come and Codeine during the 1990s, he is now adding his guitar to no fewer than four projects; Consonant, the New Year, Pullman, and as a member of Evan Dando's touring band. On top of this, he just released his first full-length solo project, Red … [Read more...]

Interview with Tony Goddess

When I first moved to Boston in 1999, Papas Fritas was one of the bands that everyone here was talking about. I saw two really excellent shows from them, and they were one of the bands that helped get me into a world of music outside of what I'd been exposed to by Baltimore radio. They were the band that proved to me that smaller bands at the club … [Read more...]

Jucifer – If Thine Enemy Hunger

JuciferIf Thine Enemy HungerI have to start this review with an apology. Not just to our readership, but also to Jucifer and Relapse Records. I received this album way back in October 2006, and I would have to assume that the above mentioned people were hoping to have it reviewed before the street date, or somewhere close to it. However, due to … [Read more...]

The Snake Trap – At Home in a Hostile World

The Snake TrapAt Home in a Hostile WorldThe Snake Trap tried to impress me with a nudge and a wink, pointing to the fact that their live debut was at a Fender Guitars corporate shindig. The more I think about it, the more preposterous this idea becomes: I suppose Fender Guitars might have slightly more radical executives than, say, Johnson & … [Read more...]

Charlie Deets – The Lost Larrikin Long Play

Charlie DeetsThe Lost Larrikin Long PlaySo apparently, I’ve got quite a thing for white guys who play guitars but then decide to fiddle with knobs and make some electronic music on the side. It all started when I got wind of some ‘dub/electro’ demos put together by LandSpeedRecord’s Charley Jamison a few years ago. Like a lot of other suckers, I’ve … [Read more...]