Inhale Exhale – The Lost, The Sick, The Sacred

Inhale Exhale
The Lost, The Sick, The Sacred

Canton, Ohio’s Inhale Exhale play the kind of metalcore that currently saturates the market. You know, decent riffing during the verses with lyrics barked or screamed followed by melodic choruses typically described as “soaring” because the guitarist starts playing chords and the vocals go clean? That kind. The Lost, The Sick, The Sacred is a well produced debut but the music is really nothing special. The band, featuring John LaRussa from Narcissus and Brian Pittman from Relient K, thinks the music is special but really it’s just Christian. Nothing against Christian music but I only care about the music.

However, the industry does care about Christian music – and for good reason. Even though records sales across the board continue to drop, all forms of Christian music sell pretty well. That’s because having a well-defined audience, such as Christian kids who like hardcore, is smart business. So Inhale Exhale is certain to achieve some commercial success through record sales. And money they lose to downloading, they can make on the road. According to Big Champagne Online Media Measurement, a fair share of Christian kids download music illegally, particularly that of Relient K, and although they are conflicted about doing so, they often reason that they are “spreading the Word” (Boston Globe, 12/03/2006). But these kids will go to shows and everything will work out in the end because, according to a poster I saw once, God is in charge.

Many previous Christian-themed hardcore bands were ambiguous about their faith. Maybe they thought their faith would turn kids off or maybe they wanted to avoid being pigeonholed. Whatever the reason, more bands like Inhale Exhale are putting their faith on the table because the market has shown acceptance.

If you’re excited to be Christian and like Norma Jean, you will definitely like Inhale Exhale. The rest of Metalcore fans can hear and decide for their selves at