Dimestore Dandelion – Oil and Water

Dimestore Dandelion
Oil and Water

Dimestore Dandelion’s EP, Oil and Water, serves as a short introduction to the Washington, D.C. area quartet that began recording together before ever having actually played together as a group. While this tactic was by no means disastrous and the resulting five song EP is well recorded and produced, the members of Dimestore Dandelion may have jumped the gun just a little bit.

Dimestore Dandelion’s overall sound is primarily rooted in pop-rock, with touches of funk and jazz sprinkled throughout. As a result, the band lands somewhere in the college rock, jam band, radio-friendly arena and this sound could, obviously, appeal to the masses. The songs are sweet, friendly, and danceable with accessibility as the primary focus. Bottom line: Oil and Water doesn’t require any great effort to understand or enjoy and if that is your thing, this could be your new favorite party band.

The first song, “Daisy Chained,” shows off exactly what Dimestore Dandelion is capable of creating and is easily the best tune on the EP. This track highlights the group’s best mix of styles with a super-catchy rhythm, nice vocals, and an infectious beat. I can absolutely picture tons of people dancing along to a song like this in a college bar. Unfortunately, the other four tracks here lack the same luster as the opener. The other songs aren’t as upbeat, nor are the rhythms as tightly weaved.

For a first effort together, Oil and Water is a decent EP. I absolutely hope Dimestore Dandelion takes “Daisy Chained” and follows in this direction for album. If upbeat pop-rock is this band’s path then sticking to what works the best – that is accessible music with funk and jazz flourishes – will help the members gain more and more interest with their next release.