Cezanne – Breaking Bats for Jesus

Breaking Bats for Jesus

The opening track on Cezanne’s Breaking Bats for Jesus features John Daugherity singing the lyric “I’ve got so much, so I’ll give you some.” It’s a nice sentiment sung nicely over a nice two-chord song. And that is the problem: Cezanne’s Breaking Bats for Jesus suffers from “nice-guy syndrome”. Daugherity, the talent behind Cezanne, seems to do everything right on the surface but just doesn’t capture your imagination.

Breaking Bats for Jesus is an indie rock album of simple, fuzzed-out guitars and harmonized, understated vocals. It’s all likeable enough, but when you take out some music for a good time, this album will be left home alone. The album plays like a list of B-sides – music that frequently suffers from lack of inspiration, music that sounds a little lazy. After several listens the tracks remain virtually indistinguishable from each other, and are mostly forgotten shortly after the disc stops playing.

It’s only at 5:15 in to the final track on Breaking Bats for Jesus that Daugherity seems poised to take his music to the next level. This part of the track features a more forceful lyrical delivery and a less pop-oriented chord progression. What is good about this moment is not that he’s just singing louder or playing his guitar faster – it’s because after more than 6 songs of puzzling lyrics and a casual delivery, Daugherity seems to be reaching down just a little deeper, showing a little more.

These are not bad songs by any means, but the majority of indie music fans are looking for music in which they find and can make a personal investment, and Daugherity’s investment isn’t showing. It will in subsequent releases, but its not here now. Daugherity previously released material as Ten Everlasting Seconds. Look forward to his next project.