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Nihilists – This Warm Elevator

NihilistsThis Warm ElevatorNihilists are an odd entry for the mixtape series because you can't download any of their songs, but this one is pretty amazing, so I felt I had to include them, especially since they're buddies with Socorro and syn*error, who I have also reviewed for this site. This band sounds a lot like Drive Like Jehu, mixed with … [Read more...]

The Asteroid #4 – An Amazing Dream

The Asteroid #4An Amazing DreamToting reverb-soaked guitars and vocals, sonically the Asteroid #4's album An Amazing Dream is unfailingly astral. But the songs are inconsistent - equal parts good and bad - the good sporadically nestled between stretches of stodgy space rock. The Asteroid #4 is best when they focus on song writing, coming up with … [Read more...]

As Tall as Lions – S/T

As Tall as LionsS/TOccasionally I’ll hear a song and that song will give me goose bumps. Real, honest-to-God goose bumps. It will send shivers down my spine. It’ll make me stop what I’m doing and pay attention to this song right now, dammit! Every song on As Tall as Lions’ self-titled sophomore album does this to me. Maybe it’s Daniel Nigro’s … [Read more...]

Castle Project – Diaries of a Broken Heart

Castle ProjectDiaries of a Broken HeartElliott Smith stabbed himself in the chest. What can Diaries of a Broken Heart do for that kind of despair? Such a forthright title is a disservice to the sensitivity it claims to possess, not to mention its author. Where’s the subtlety? If it’s true that Ryan Ostiguy composed Diaries in response to a … [Read more...]

Taigaa – Taigaa!

TaigaaTaigaa!Half a minute into the album, it is quite evident that Taigaa took the musical road less traveled. The first track, "Queen of Black Diamond," opens with pizzicato strings and a menacing minor tone. The only comparison might be to kitschy groups like Squirrel Nut Zippers or Combustible Edison. The music isn't even really rock, but might … [Read more...]

Trainwreck – Dust From Our Fingers

TrainwreckDust From Our FingersHard hitting drums, ferocious guitar lines, throat shredding vocals, inaudible bass lines...all the things that make underground hardcore bands great. Trainwreck have all of these traits and more. They even include a breakdown worthy of American mosh bands, but executed much more tastefully. "Dust from Our Fingers" … [Read more...]

Harper Lee – He Holds A Flame EP

Harper LeeHe Holds A Flame EPThere are a handful of record labels where you have the option to buy anything on their roster and be assured of its greatness even if you aren’t familiar with the artist. I always trust the folks at Matinee Records, because they never seem to put out bad records. They know which artists we’ve been waiting to see … [Read more...]

Interview with Brian Vander Ark

Brian Vander Ark has damn near done it all when it comes to being an artist in this tangled web we call the music business. Played Holiday Inn's growing up. Having a huge local following. Selling a million albums. Opening for Kiss. Getting dropped by his label. Like I said, damn near everything. He has also crafted some of the finest songs … [Read more...]

80th Disorder – Transform EP

80th DisorderTransform EPKnow of any bands from Finland? I can't seem to think of any right now, excepting 80th Disorder -- and it's only because I have its CD right in front of me. This release, Transform, shows a band comfortably re-living the days when OMD and Ultravox were ascendant. But Midge Ure seems like less of an influence overall than … [Read more...]

Jeroan Drive – Deathrow Industry

Jeroan DriveDeathrow IndustryJeroan Drive are a band hailing from Bergen, Norway. This song will win over many converts to hardcore. With a sound reminiscent of The Almighty Ink and Dagger (Drive This Seven Inch Stake Through This Philadelphia Heart era), a little Blood brothers, and a dash of San Diego snottiness via Three One G. "Deathrow … [Read more...]