The Boggs – Arm in Arm, Hot Chip Remix

The Boggs
Arm in Arm, Hot Chip Remix

The original version of “Arm in Arm” by The Boggs is danceable. It’s a very good song that bounces along with abandon. Imposing drums that sound at once synthetic and live start 45 seconds in and carry the torch for the rest of the song. An inebriated and tapped parade of instruments come and go en route, including a jangly, clipped acoustic guitar and a host of horns. The song doesn’t vary in pace – only in dynamics.

The Hot Chip remix of “Arm in Arm” kicks off with some vaguely tribal sounding precussion. The understated rhythm starts gaining steam, but that stops 45 seconds in when a stripped down and slightly warped synth-spitting dance track struts in. On the first listen, the remix sounds awfully pedestrian. But patience and familiarity with the original somehow make this fun.

One Jason Friedman of New York is The Boggs, and the new disc, Forts, is due out Spring 2007 on Gigantic Music. Previous releases are 2002’s We Are The Boggs We Are and 2003’s unreleased Stitches. More critical success is in store for The Boggs.