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Building 6 – Record 1

Building 6Record 1The guitar is twangy, the songs asymmetrical, the voice unique, and the lyrics clever. These strengths, coupled with quality production, make Record 1 by Building 6 a good alternative for music enthusiasts who are bored with indie's present offerings. Fans of electric folk should especially enjoy this album by the Brooklyn based … [Read more...]

The Boggs – Arm in Arm, Hot Chip Remix

The BoggsArm in Arm, Hot Chip RemixThe original version of "Arm in Arm" by The Boggs is danceable. It's a very good song that bounces along with abandon. Imposing drums that sound at once synthetic and live start 45 seconds in and carry the torch for the rest of the song. An inebriated and tapped parade of instruments come and go en route, … [Read more...]

Lonely The Seabird – From The Top of The Stairs

Lonely The SeabirdFrom The Top of The StairsThe Ohio band Lonely The Seabird has produced a grab-bag of lo-fi indie rock with its From The Top of The Stairs release. The album contains 16 songs that range from the very short (0:33) to the very long (8:40), but almost nowhere does the album seem inspired or intriguing. The band probably had fun … [Read more...]

Fennesz – Endless Summer (reissue)

FenneszEndless Summer (reissue)It's difficult to put into words what makes Endless Summer deserving of its status as a modern classic. While certainly inventive, it isn't as if Christian Fennesz was the first to make this kind of noise. One look at the Oval back catalogue and one can draw a distinct line from Markus Popp's 94diskont to Fennesz' … [Read more...]

Winning – This Is An Ad For Cigarettes.

WinningThis Is An Ad For Cigarettes.Winning are a veritable who's who of Vancouver underground art rock, containing members of Radio Berlin, Red Light Sting, A Luna Red, Secret Mommy, Primes, Heavy Party, and a slew of others. I don't really know what to make of this record to be honest. I really wanted to like this record because Jack who plays … [Read more...]

Light Yourself on Fire – Light Yourself on Fire

Light Yourself on FireLight Yourself on FireIn the era of the compact disc, bands have up to eighty minutes (or more, if you think about the horror of double-albums) in which to make their musical statement. That’s an hour and twenty minutes, the average length of a Hollywood blockbuster. There are artists with large egos and no self-control who … [Read more...]

The Reformation – The Floral War

The ReformationThe Floral WarI listened to The Reformation's Floral War without knowing anything about the musicians behind it. I thought to myself, "This album sounds like a singer-songwriter album. I wonder whether the singer will branch out on his own." The musicians sound like they're really there just to strum some chords or put down a modest … [Read more...]

The Winter Blanket – Golden Sun

The Winter BlanketGolden SunAfter the first two songs on Golden Sun, Winter Blanket's new EP, I considered calling them Wet Blanket and writing a one-paragraph diss so I could go watch the Bears win the NFC Championship game. Singer Stephanie Davila does a sort of Chan Marshall impression only without the bluesy, pained soul leanings, and the band … [Read more...]

Corrina Repp – The Absent and the Distant

Corrina ReppThe Absent and the DistantWhen Mark Kozelek began Caldo Verde Records to release his Modest Mouse covers album “Tiny Cities” it appeared that the motive behind its founding was to solely release Kozelek and Sun Kil Moon albums. It came as a surprise when Kozelek signed a relatively unknown female artist named Corrina Repp. However, … [Read more...]

The Rocket Summer – The Early Years EP

The Rocket SummerThe Early Years EPThere are a zillion ways to dismiss a record—point to imitation, call out banality, criticize sloppiness (the mordant critic might even condescend to argumentum ad hominem)—but all, inevitably, are spoiled by partiality. Then again, that’s the nature of record reviewing. If the readers don’t want to swallow it, … [Read more...]