Death Unit – Infinite Death

Death Unit
Infinite Death

Usually when I hear the word “supergroup” thrown around it brings to mind trash like Damn Yankees, Velvet Revolver, Audioslave, and The Traveling Wilburys. As you can see from the list above, supergroups are usually the product of aging rockers looking to cash in so they can: 1. send their kids to college 2. make up for all the money they blew on drugs during their youth 3. pay their second mortgage 4. get new t-tops for their corvettes, or 5. “bang” younger ladies. The list of “benefits” is apparently endless. Although I’d be willing to bet that Death Unit doesn’t need t-tops, I believe supergroup is still an applicable term here. Counted among its members are Trevor Tremaine of Hair Police who plays drums here, Brian Sullivan of Mouthus on guitar, No Fun Fest and all around noise maven Carlos Giffoni on electronics, and last but certainly not least Chris Corsano (who is one of the sickest drummers alive).

Infinite Death is approximately 34 minutes and is divided into two long tracks. The first track is considerably more propulsive, coming off like Lightning Bolt being raped by Merzbow. Tremaine and Corsano pummel the living shit out of your ears with a thunderously loud percussive assault. Giffoni and Sullivan come in around the five minute mark with piercing electronic squelches and fretboard workouts. The second track is a cacophonous din in the vein of the last Mouthus LP or maybe one of the early Hair Police records on Hospital. Abrasive stuff to be sure, but highly enjoyable at least in part because of its corrosiveness. With artwork from Prurient’s Dom Fernow and mastering by James Plotkin of Khanate and Atomsmasher fame this one’s a keeper folks.