Building 6 – Record 1

Building 6
Record 1

The guitar is twangy, the songs asymmetrical, the voice unique, and the lyrics clever. These strengths, coupled with quality production, make Record 1 by Building 6 a good alternative for music enthusiasts who are bored with indie’s present offerings. Fans of electric folk should especially enjoy this album by the Brooklyn based 4-piece.

Be warned: like a gimmicky pro-wrestler from 1986, sonically this album hails from parts unknown. Record 1 refuses all genres, so it falls in the catch-all label of “college radio”. Primarily you’ll hear country folk with jazz and rock. These elements clash as often as they fuse and, as a result, a good deal of listeners will find the music grating because pop and experimentation are still the flavors of the day in indie music, and Record 1 fits with neither indie beards nor New Weird America.

Like many of your old favorites, Record 1 seems to get a little better with each listen. Well, not the singing voice – but the guitar and lyrics especially grow on you.

“Lucky Seven” is a drink-induced winner. “A is for Angus” is a well-developed song and a strong representation of the album. “Dent in the Fender” hearkens Old 97’s, and it dares a pop sound. They’re not all winners: “5am Bus Drop” is probably best heard live; “Joe McCarthy’s Ghost” lacks the same fusion of elements that make the other songs winners. Nevertheless, it’s your loss if you don’t hit their MySpace.