Socorro – Scheiss auf Competition

Scheiss auf Competition

I have a new found obsession with german emotional hardcore bands and this band only adds fuel to that fire.

Socorro is amazing. They sound like the band you are friends with, who ask you to come over and check out one of their practices. You keep putting them off, until one day they drag you along with a few other kids inside and start playing. Then you kick yourself for not going sooner. This is the band you are afraid are going to implode because of all the emotion they pour into their songs.

The recording even sounds like it was done in the garage, I am sure with people standing around open mouths agape with awe and envy. I wish Socorro were my friends…this is the band you sell the merch for and hype to everyone and never miss a show for. They have a loose sound, but not sloppy at all, sounding a bit like Parades End if they had lost themselves completely in their music. Maybe even a little bit like Volume Eleven and old old old Under A Dying Sun, when they still put their seven inches in brown paper bags right there at the merch table and hand numbered especially for you.

Bear witness to the greatness that is European hardcore.