Schwere Artillerie – Anabarbera

Schwere Artillerie

This type of music is all the rage now and has been for quite some time. Kids come and go, but they always add some fresh something to it to keep the musical style once known as “emo” alive and kicking.

Schwere Artillerie are sassy kids playing what many call screamo, but sounds just like emotional hardcore to my ears. They take a little of Blood Brothers with old Hot Hot Heat when they still screamed and add some Les Savy Fav hip shakes with some Level Plane noise.

The song is short and sweet, with manic vocals, frantic drums played competently, guitars racing along at a million miles an hour, and thick bass underneath all of it. I could see this band being released by Alone or Init. I really dig the vocals and the keyboard break towards the end adds a nice touch of melody to it all.