Radiateur – Brasil


This is probably by far my most favorite song I have reviewed so far. I have really started to enjoy scouring the myspace for foreign bands, because sometimes you will stumble upon little gems like this.

Radiateur are from France, & play amazing warm & catchy instrumental rock in the vein of old Euphone, Pele, The Letter E, & the sound Tristeza had on their Insound ep.

This song is amazing. It has an extremely catchy, airy bassline that gets stuck inside of your head in about three seconds. The drums are excellently played, very minimal, a lot of hi hat tapping, sounding just like the drums on The Nudes. The piano is used to a nice effect, not overpowering or playing too much, just enough to add some nice variety to the song. Towards the end of the song, the bass becomes punchy, the drums accentuate by some restrained cymbal bashing (when is bashing ever restrained?) The piano carries the same melody as before, just played a little higher, & then the bass takes on a very June Of 44 sound. Sadly, the song just ends abruptly after that. I wish the song was at least another three or four minutes longer.