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Aufgehoben – Messidor

AufgehobenMessidor2006 saw some of the gnarliest noise I'd seen in a long time. For the last few weeks I've had one helluva hard time deciding who to cut from my year end top ten list in order that it doesn't end up being all noise. What with Human Animal, Tribulation, The Long Salt and Prurient's Pleasure Ground all vying for slots, I never … [Read more...]

Tom Waits – Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards

Tom WaitsOrphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & BastardsThree decades ago, or so the story goes, Tom Waits would break up live sets of the late-night beatnik-bard jazz - then his calling card - by grabbing a newspaper and sculpting a song or two around the headlines and news-briefs of the day. The exercise seemed like an attempt to capture something … [Read more...]

Hermelin – Meskalin Blonde

HermelinMeskalin BlondeI feel bad now that I reviewed all of the bands that I have. The first thirteen or so were really easy for me, since I already knew those bands; it was lazy and not fair to the reader. Not very fair to myself either, since I didn't have to expend very much energy or skill on writing about them. Now that I have actually … [Read more...]

Raymond Scott Woolson – Accidental Grace Notes

Raymond Scott WoolsonAccidental Grace NotesAt some point in my day, I will be struck by the conclusion that everything in this world is connected. Just as I think I’m going about my life, at times, completely separate from everyone else around me, I realize just how close we really are to one another. For instance, I was reading about an artist … [Read more...]

STNNNG – Fake Fake

STNNNGFake FakeEvery band looks to the past for inspiration. Aerosmith looked to Led Zeppelin. The Black Crowes looked to the Rolling Stones. Modest Mouse looked to Built to Spill. At once a way to pay homage and find common ground, band members use their influences as a way to connect and bond with each other as well as the audience. How many … [Read more...]

Momus – Ocky Milk

MomusOcky MilkOcky Milk, the latest from Momus, was crafted with intention. The intention apparently was to make an album of background bossa nova with injections of Japanese absurdism. Or something like that. Well, Momus may have succeeded but that doesn't mean that the results were worth the trouble. My guess is that most listeners will grow … [Read more...]

The Beat Devils – That Chick

The Beat DevilsThat ChickStraight out of Moscow, the Beat Devils do one of the twenty-first centuries' best impressions of old school rockabilly. With more beat than devil, the Russian’s owe more to 1950’s rockabilly than the b-movie flare of The Meteors or The Quakes. Their best song, “My Train Had Gone,” shows no hint of accent despite the broken … [Read more...]

Remote Islands – Smother Party

Remote IslandsSmother PartyThis record is a mess. An amalgamation of cheap synthesizers, guitars, poorly recorded vocals, Casio drumbeats, and a smattering of stringed instruments all irrationally intertwined to create the Remote Islands lo-fi indie mess “Smother Party.” This ‘sound’ was undoubtedly Colin Pate’s intention, as many bands (Moldy … [Read more...]

Gentleman Auction House – The Rules Were Handed Down

Gentleman Auction HouseThe Rules Were Handed DownApparently girls do go crazy for a sharp dressed man. Judging from the latest crop of one hit wonders on your alternative and rock stations dress shirts, vests, and ties seem to be all the rage these days. Also popular is the big musical collective, cramming as many members as possible onto an album … [Read more...]

Thavius Beck – Thru

Thavius BeckThruCalling Los Angeles home, Thavius Beck returns to the fold via Thru, his second full-length solo effort on Mush. You may recognize him from past efforts under the moniker Adlib or his Labwaste project with Subtitle or maybe even his earliest output with Global Phlowtations. He's also had numerous guest spots on various albums and … [Read more...]