Melatonine – Cette Fois Encore

Cette Fois Encore

Melatonine are a French band that deal in the dead genre of math rock. Yeah, I know that’s a lame genre name, but hey, I didn’t coin it. I just follow my handbook of scenester snobbery, which allows you to clearly choose a style of music for a band without ever hearing them based on the way they dress and how their hair looks. Ok, that’s a joke.

Anyway, Melatonine really are a French band that love Shellac, Shipping News/June Of 44, and Slint. The song starts out with a subdued bassline that is kind of repetitive, but in a good way, like Do Make Say Think. The guitar playing is very Touch & Go and it goes really well with the song. It plays a nice set of leads and progressions while the drums kind of plod along in the back ground. I wish the drummer would add a million fills and hit some cymbals, but I guess the music calls for a little restraint. Really, the song probably would be awful if he hit the cymbal every other beat.

By the middle of the song, the band hits a perfect post rock groove, a lot like The Letter E. Then the dissonant guitar squall comes in, with the bass anchoring the song – and YES! – the drums have become a lot looser, adding some great fills, and hitting the cymbals more. They stick with that loping groove until the end of the song, which is a good idea, because this little number is a perfect exercise in build up and release. Tension always makes the best music. Just ask Jason Noble.