Deleometer – Die Augen Koennen

Die Augen Koennen

Deleometer is a band I found thanks to myspace on my new quest to highlight foreign bands. They are from Germany and wear their influences proudly like badges stitched onto their sleeves. You can hear equal parts Orchid and Kaospilot, with the vocals sounding quite a bit like Reversal Of Man.

The song has those jazzy interludes that Saetia made popular, with the guitar histrionics of Hot Cross. This is the sound of basements and garages full of sweaty kids screaming along. For being a demo, this sounds really well done and professional. Everything is mixed perfectly, nothing sounds muddled – the vocals are buried just a little behind the instruments, which is how I think this genre should sound. The drummer isn’t too fancy, but adds the right flourishes when the song calls for them. The bass playing is immaculate, fitting the chaotic, wiry guitar parts perfectly. The vocals are impassioned and really add that something special that propels this band along. They even have the mid-song caterwauling guitar that seemed so crucial in the late nineties.

Too bad this band broke up. If they had stuck around I am sure they would have joined the ranks of La Quiete & Amanda Woodward as being the hot import for the vlv kids to slobber over.