Bob Dylan – Modern Times

Bob Dylan
Modern Times

I really don’t know how to even start this. Bob Dylan is to me the greatest musician of all time, eclipsing even Johnny Cash. Yeah, I know, that’s blasphemy, especially in my family. But man, just listen to Dylan’s back catalogue. There will never be another Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, no matter how much Oberst tries.

So, Modern Times is heralded as Dylan’s return to form and I would pretty much have to agree I suppose. It’s different though, y’know? This is some next level shit, just like I am sure when people heard Highway 61 Revisited, they thought the same thing. Ya dig? This is the CD that all bars should put in their jukebox and just play on repeat every night. In fact, this is the perfect encapsulation of the barroom. It has the upbeat delta blues rockers to get the skirts on the dance floor, then the weepy piano ballads that gets the place moody and contemplative about the ex’s they’ve left behind and wronged. Dylan mixes the slower songs amid the rollicking ones to keep your interest peaked, like it would really ever wane though. The slower songs are reminiscent of Randy Newman, kind of jazzy piano numbers. A perfect fit for this is the second song, “Spirit On The Water”. A simple guitar line with lightly brushed drums and Dylan’s distinctive vocals on top.

I got the version with the DVD attached to it. The first video on it kind of bummed me out because it’s not such a great song and the video itself is pretty awful. It picks up by the second one, a live recording of Dylan playing “Love Sick” at Radio City Music Hall. It’s a really good song and just watch the women dance in the background like they’re at some fucking Sade concert. It put a smile on my face.

Anyway, get this now and get hipped to the new Dylan. This is Highway 61 Revisited for the oughts.