Amy Stolzenbach – This Fall EP

Amy Stolzenbach
This Fall EP

Amy Stolzenbach seems to have a fairly long history playing guitar in various bands in the Seattle area (Flood, Glorious) including a stint in an all female AC/DC tribute band called Hell’s Belles. Whether a member of a band or as a studio musician, Stolzenbach became known for her electric guitar chops – but now she wants to be known for making music on her own terms.

This Fall is Stolzenbach’s introductory EP with a full-length expected in early 2007. This three song EP is a showcase of Amy’s talents – not only as a songwriter, singer, and guitarist, but also as producer and engineer. This Fall is entirely a product of Amy Stolzenbach from start to finish and the disc has more than a bit of promise.

While it’s hard to make too many predictions based on three songs I think it’s safe to say that Amy Stolzenbach has quite a bit of talent packed in to this little EP. Comparisons to Sheryl Crow are easy to find on opening track “Draw the Line,” from Stolzenbach’s dreamy vocals to wispy guitar strumming. “A Caged Bird Can’t Sing” is a slow burner, but “We All Fall Down” is a bit more of a rocking number that couldn’t be more radio ready.

Those already familiar with Amy Stolzenbach’s previous work should definitely check out This Fall to get a taste of great things to come. Ditto for huge fans of female rock acts. Although Stolzenbach’s songs are fairly restrained on this EP – and I hope to hear something that breaks out a bit on her full-length debut – This Fall is still a fine first solo effort.