Stabbed By Words – Words

This band … what can I say to do them justice? Comprised of a who’s who of forward thinking hardcore bands (Unbroken, Arma Angelus, Extinction, the Hope Conspiracy), there isn’t a modern band that sounds like this. Combining the sounds of Drive Like Jehu & Unbroken, this is a dream come true for hardcore kids. The most appealing factor is Dave Claibourn’s vocals. Ever since I was twelve, Unbroken has been my favorite band, & his vocals & lyrics were a huge part of why I liked them so much. I felt that he was talking straight to me, as I am sure countless others did as well. In Stabbed By Words, he has the same power.

This song kind of exemplifies that, starting out with a guitar part that resembles an Unbroken guitar line, then has a pick slide then bursts out into fierce hardcore. When I say hardcore, I don’t mean what everyone else thinks of as hardcore. This is the hardcore I grew up on as a kid in the mid nineties. Creative melodies melded to emotional breakdowns … one of the best songs hands down. They don’t play out too often, & generally only in Chicago, but if you ever do get a chance to see them, please do.