She Killed Poetry – Shut Out the Silence

She Killed Poetry
Shut Out the Silence

Metalcore fans should cream their low-cut jeans while listening to She Killed Poetry’s Shut out the Silence. This album is more brutal than most metalcore. Chugging riffs and precision double-bass shove the music forward and the guitars are more dissonant than melodic. But this is still a metalcore album, and if you don’t like the genre, then avoid SKP.

Critics say metalcore is littered with cookie-cutter bands and that the music is tired. She Killed Poetry won’t change any minds. But genre dissing always comes when a type of music explodes in popularity the way metalcore has. Critics take heart – the genre is losing steam now, apparently giving way to more pure metal and thrash music with less emphasis on breakdowns, dual guitar melodies and cleanly sung choruses.

But She Killed Poetry is not going away quietly. Verses on Shut out the Silence charge ahead, stutter, change tempos, and build up to crushing breakdowns. It’s good stuff. You will hear some clean sung choruses and full use of the guitar’s range, but SKP definitely lean more toward hardcore and death than metal.

The definite highlight of Shut out the Silence was the album’s lone guitar solo, heard on track 7, “We’ll Never Dance Again”. Short and very sweet. But the best songs are number 5, title track “Shut out the Silence”, and number 10, “Breath of Life”. The worst track is number 4, “Unable to Answer”.

This disc is highly recommended for metalcore fans. Many hardcore fans will dig it, too. But metal purists and everyone else need not apply.