Shat – Cuntree


Hmmm? Shat? Cuntree? 69 tracks in 69 minutes? And it’s not a lame pornogrind band? Of course not! It’s a lame pornorock band.

Boasting genius (cough) lyrics like “Two cunts are better than one but/One cunt is better than none” Cuntree is 69 minutes of nonsense. Mastermind Jeff Wood claims the album is “nothing but choruses” which isn’t inaccurate at all as a majority of the songs herein feature one or two riffs and one or two vocal lines. For the most part, a lot of the song titles are the entire lyrics to the songs and if not, the song title is shouted within 3 seconds of the song starting. Which isn’t to say the album isn’t creative. Can you come up with 69 minutes of lyrics that rarely stray from the topics of cunt, blowjobs, cock, pussy, fucking, etc?

The songs themselves (if you want to call them that) are fairly memorable, but also utterly forgettable. By this I mean there are plenty of catchy hooks herein, but there are so many damn songs it’s hard to keep track and with all the lyrics covering the same spectrum of topics they become interchangable at best.

Needless to say, Cuntree is not meant to be taken seriously, nor should it be. If 69 minutes of raunchy lyrics and simplistic hooks is something you willingly blow a wad (of cash) for, then this is your album of the year. If you want anything resembling sanity, please, please stay away from this disc.