Sea Sons – Winter Learn To Swim

Sea Sons
Winter Learn To Swim

This ties into the Graf Orlock series, as both bands share their drummer. This is a large departure in sound from Gorlock though, fitting in with the mid nineties Ebullition sound…twinkling guitar, nice drum fills, the singer screaming so it sounds as if his vocal cords will pop out. This band reminds me a lot of Portraits Of Past, Amber Inn, & Julia, which is rad. I think there needs to be more bands like this. The scene is full of tough dudes wearing too much eyeliner playing downtuned riffs & chugga chugga dance parts, which is boring as hell.

This song reminds me of being sixteen & sitting in my room listening to the HeartAttack comp repeatedly. I guess this band broke up which is a real shame, but I guess all good bands go before their time is up.