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Jan Jelinek – Tierbeobachtungen

Jan JelinekTierbeobachtungenThe first track on Jan Jelinek's Tierbeobachtungen (Animal Observations) bears more than a striking resemblance to late-60's krautrock icons CAN and Amon Düül II than one would expect from an electronic musician. Although the notorious "motorik" beat is nowhere to be found, it has a certain klang in its … [Read more...]

Lee Hazlewood – Cake or Death

Lee HazlewoodCake or DeathAt the age of 77, Lee Hazlewood is still a defiantly obscure figure to many; better known for his savvy Svengali role in the success stories of Nancy Sinatra and Duane Eddy (and to a lesser degree for his influence on ‘60s studio pioneers like Phil Spector and Brian Wilson) than for his myriad of solo releases. Much of … [Read more...]

Turbobilly – Joyeuse Mort

TurbobillyJoyeuse MortHailing from Bordeaux, French psychobilly group Turbobilly takes the unique sound of the Meteors and adds more jangling guitars, harmonized vocals and old fashioned rockabilly sound. While they sometimes lack the atmospheric tone and melodic depth of established rockabilly bands Tiger Army or The Koffin Kats, Turbobilly’s … [Read more...]

Hazmat Modine – Bahamut

Hazmat ModineBahamutHazmat Modine is my new favorite band. Once you hear their debut album, Bahamut, you will understand why. With more horns and misfit instruments than you can likely identify, catchy rhythms spanning the last hundred years from throughout the world, and a bluesy groove that ties the whole album together, Hazmat Modine has a sound … [Read more...]

Frozen – Worcester – Palladium, MA – 2006-11-05

FrozenWhere: Worcester - Palladium, MA.When: 2006-11-05The cold air that penetrated my bones on the evening of November 5th, 2006 was an omen of things to come. That night, two friends and I set out on a pilgrimage from Connecticut into the heart of Worcester to see the legendary Swiss metal band Celtic Frost. When we entered the venue we noticed … [Read more...]

Luna – Best of/Lunafied [European Edition]

Luna Best of/Lunafied [European Edition] When it comes to veritable American alt-rock institutions of the last decade or so, the clichéd adage of “you don’t know what you’ve lost till it’s gone” rings repeatedly and depressingly true. For when Luna disbanded amicably in 2005, not enough of the music-loving world paid their due respects, … [Read more...]

Conelrad – Fear And Abandonment

ConelradFear And AbandonmentAlright, this next set of reviews is going to revolve around Adam McGregor. You might know him from Fate Of Icarus, or maybe you have heard of a little band called Creation Is Crucifixion? If you haven't heard either of those bands, then man, you should probably sell your metal records & go buy the back catalogue of … [Read more...]

The Classic Brown – Down With Fun

The Classic BrownDown With FunThe Classic Brown is primarily Canadian artist Stacey Brown with various friends adding their talent to the mix. This is Brown’s first full length, following her debut EP which was also self-released. David Downham, Steve Poponi, and David Dunn round out the cast on Down With Fun along with a few guest appearances for … [Read more...]

The Mars Volta – Amputechture

The Mars VoltaAmputechtureI’ve never been one to permanently immerse myself in bands that have an almost religious-like following. Coheed and Cambria is probably the best contemporary example, and they have merchandise stacks to prove it. As far as The Mars Volta goes, I wore out De-Loused in the Comatorium using it as the soundtrack to my high … [Read more...]

84 – Promo Tour Single

84Promo Tour SingleAustralians, eh? Sonically, I could’ve sworn these guys would be from Detroit circa 2001. That’s neither a good thing or a bad thing for 84 – just more a statement on where the musicality of this ‘promotional tour single’ lies. Of course, it’s only fitting that the sleeve for this CD single denotes a September 2006 trip to … [Read more...]