Midnight Movies – Patient Eye single

Midnight Movies
Patient Eye single

The single CD seems to be an almost dead format, but I can remember when CD’s first became popular with the masses I would head to my local music store every Friday or Saturday to pick up that week’s biggest hits on CD single. For a kid with little money to spend the single made economical sense since it cost a fraction of the price of a whole album, you could be sure the song you wanted was on the disc, and you most often got a few extra tracks in the form of remixes or unreleased songs.

This nostalgia is what made me slip in Midnight Movies’ CD single for the song “Patient Eye.” While I wasn’t overwhelmed by the amount of extras on this disc – two versions of the single plus a cover song – I was quite pleasantly surprised by the music and how intrigued I could be by just three tracks.

“The Patient Eye” is seductive, dreamy song with the spellbinding vocals of Gene Olivier and a minimalist backdrop created by Ryan Wood (bass), Sandra Vu (drums), and Larry Schemel (guitar). It’s all very cinematic, a bit dark, and more than just a little psychedelic. The two versions of “Patient Eye” include a radio-ready cut and the longer LP version. The third track is a cover of Syd Barrett’s “Golden Hair” – a musical interpretation of a James Joyce poem – and this song is even more subtle than “Patient Eye.” The atmosphere of this number is both subtle and powerful. Overall, “Golden Hair” is an odd but very interesting choice for a cover.

The band’s next full length, Lion the Girl is due March 6, 2007, on New Line Records. If the “Patient Eye” single is any indication of what is to come from Midnight Movies many folks are in for a treat.