Graf Orlock – Fifty Year Storm

Graf Orlock
Fifty Year Storm

So the first time I heard about this band was a few years ago from my friend Shane. He was friends with the singer, & he had all of these special limited edition versions of practice space songs & whatnot. I went with him to one of their shows, & I realized I knew the guitarist from playing a show with his old band, & seeing him around La Habra. Then I saw Kevin the singer, & recognized him from seeing him at a billion shows at Koos, a local venue in Santa Ana, California. Then they took the stage, & I was blown away by the sheer force of their live performance. I then realized why Shane was putting out a seven inch for them … they were the best band from Orange County in years. I then became friends with Kevin, & still remain good friends with him until this day.

Anyway, this song starts out with a sample from Point Break, & then breaks out into an act of god which is all manic machine gun beats with fast thrash guitar parts over it & Kevin’s distinct vocals on top of all of it. Justin’s guitar parts have become much better since the beginning of the band, showing more innovation & relying less on grind. Kevin’s vocals also have matured & become a lot stronger on their new record. This is from their newest album out on Level Plane, which is a huge step for these guys. It is amazing to think that these guys were playing small shows to maybe five kids, to being one of the biggest hardcore bands around. Once you listen to this song, you will fully understand why cinema grind is here to stay.