Fate Of Icarus – Annihilate The Assassins

Fate Of Icarus
Annihilate The Assassins

So, I spoke too soon. After I sent in the review of the Brown Angel song, I looked on myspace, and lo and behold, what did I find? A page for Fate of Icarus AND Creation Is Crucifixion. Which means you readers will have to endure two more reviews about Adam MacGregor’s bands. Sorry about that.

Fate Of Icarus was kind of more of the straightforward of the two bands, although both fit nicely into the whole thrash/grind/metal genre, although these bands were into it way before it became a fashion statement, ie Job For A Cowboy. Fate Of Icarus was one of the first bands on Willowtip, which has blossomed into one of the world’s premiere grind labels, but back then it was a tiny label that I found out about from ordering records through Ebullition.

This song has the typical thrash drumming along with some blast beats, really technical guitar playing, & the dual vocals that were somewhat prevalent at the time. I miss the tandem vocals of the late nineties … one having the low bellow & the other the kind of high pitched screaming. Anyway, this song is from their last release, Cut Your Throat Before They Do, and I would have to say this is my favorite record from them. Just simply amazing.