Conelrad – Fear And Abandonment

Fear And Abandonment

Alright, this next set of reviews is going to revolve around Adam McGregor. You might know him from Fate Of Icarus, or maybe you have heard of a little band called Creation Is Crucifixion? If you haven’t heard either of those bands, then man, you should probably sell your metal records & go buy the back catalogue of Polyvinyl.

This first entry is Conelrad, some sweet grind band from Pittsburgh that Adam plays guitar in & screams for. & The drummer, well, he plays in this Christian metal band that begins with a Z & ends with an Ao, but I think his playing in Conelrad is a lot more manic & less double bass driven. He plays these rad off time beats with really great time signatures, & doesn’t rely on the formulaic grind blast beats.

“Fear And Abandonment” is off of their latest seven inch, Sluts And Slobs. The song starts out with a furious guitar squall & a solid drum roll that breaks into some fairly straight forward four on the floor beats with a thrash guitar part layered over it. Adam’s vocals are kind of low for this genre, more metal than they are grind, but I like them better that way. Then Adam plays a few awesome note progressions, & the song then just ends up flailing in the best of ways. Towards the end there is what I guess you would call a breakdown, but moreso in the smart guy way, not the Throwdown type of way. What more can I say, I love this band.