Comadre – Hit Me Up On My Cell

Hit Me Up On My Cell

I have decided I am going to start submitting batches of reviews that are interconnected, whether that means that all the bands share members, or are just constant tour mates. So to follow in that spirit, I present you Comadre, the other half of the Gormadre touring unit. Graf Orlock & Comadre always play together, although every time I have seen Gorlock, Comadre has been sadly missing.

Kevin & I have talked about Comadre before, plenty of times. They always remind me of the bands that played Koos in its final years in Santa Ana, which is high praise. I always think of that era as the heyday of hardcore music. They fall into the whole Level Plane/Alone records sound, kind of like early Bravo Fucking Bravo or Twelve Hour Turn sound with lots of melody & fast, thrashy drum parts. This is the band where everyone puts their arms around each other while singing along & you can just see everyone smiling & having a good time because it’s their moment with their friends.