Brown Angel – Your Life Is Heaven

Brown Angel
Your Life Is Heaven

So this is the final time you will read about Adam MacGregor, unless I find pages for Fate Of Icarus & Creation Is Crucifixion, then I might resurrect his name. Who am I kidding? If I could find pages for those bands, then I will definitely write up reviews for them.

Anyway, the final band in the series is Brown Angel. You are going to have to bare with me on this song & band. “Your Life In Heaven” was recorded live on WRCT, so it has a really muddy sound to it. Which I think just adds a great appeal to the song, but maybe I just really dig low fidelity recordings. Anyway, they say they are really into Godflesh and Swans, which is really apparent while listening to the drumming & guitar parts. There is a really dark quality to the song, which opens up with white noise, then goes into a repetitive riff, which sounds quite a bit like Celestial-era Isis. Even the vocals sound a bit like Aaron Turner.

About a minute & a half before the song ends, this really beautiful melody shines through just long enough to catch your attention, and then fades away back into the riff. If you’re into the whole “post metal” scene, then you really will dig this song.