84 – Promo Tour Single

Promo Tour Single

Australians, eh? Sonically, I could’ve sworn these guys would be from Detroit circa 2001. That’s neither a good thing or a bad thing for 84 – just more a statement on where the musicality of this ‘promotional tour single’ lies.

Of course, it’s only fitting that the sleeve for this CD single denotes a September 2006 trip to Chowtown Studios in (you guessed it, heh) Detroit. The really, really, REALLY long flight to the Motor City was set for the purpose of recording 84’s debut full-length album; the title track, “You, Me and Infamy,” is represented here in demo form. It’s a damn rollicking song, actually, sounding an awful lot like all of the Greg Cartwright projects that were intense, spasmodic and absolutely awesome, yet criminally overlooked (i.e., Reigning Sound, Oblivions, The Compulsive Gamblers). The track rumbles in murky low-end (it IS a demo, ya know?), but the sentiment and the gritty, shove-a-pencil-through-your-amp sound of the guitars comes through loud and clear.

The ‘A-side’ here represents the 2005 EP Use Me. “Li’l White Soul” sounds like something Van Morrison would’ve done in the late 60’s, or maybe something Scott Morgan would be doing these days. The track’s got a dry, white-guy funk vibe to it that’s danceable in a ‘headbang’ kind of way.

I’m assuming that the fellas in 84 are just HUGE fans of Detroit Rock City’s musical ‘heritage,’ because if “Li’l White Soul” proves anything, it’s that the band was obviously quite capable of turning out decent quality production in Melbourne. 84 definitely wears its heart on its sleeve musically; it’s pretty damned refreshing to see someone doing it through international travel as well, though. The band’s got another rocking song along the same lines as these posted on its MySpace page; for those so interested – http://www.myspace.com/84ishere.