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Fate Of Icarus – Annihilate The Assassins

Fate Of IcarusAnnihilate The AssassinsSo, I spoke too soon. After I sent in the review of the Brown Angel song, I looked on myspace, and lo and behold, what did I find? A page for Fate of Icarus AND Creation Is Crucifixion. Which means you readers will have to endure two more reviews about Adam MacGregor's bands. Sorry about that. Fate Of Icarus … [Read more...]

Ada Jane – Never Been Better

Ada JaneNever Been BetterAda Jane are a power pop outfit from the cold, cold streets of Minneapolis. And it shows on their debut album Never Been Better. The sweet arrangements are tempered by Matt Marka's darker lyrics. "You'll Never Be Satisfied" owes a debt to Minneapolis icons the Replacements, with its chugging guitars and Marka's … [Read more...]

Exit Clov – Respond Respond

Exit ClovRespond RespondThough the music often sounds pleasant, Exit Clov suffer from a lack of identity. Kind of indie rock, kind of chamber pop, kind of twee, some Top 40 and altogether not really anything you can sink your teeth into. The band is talented and intelligent but too green. The album Respond Respond suffers from the awkwardness of … [Read more...]

The Unit Ama – The Unit Ama

The Unit AmaThe Unit AmaA reclusive and shadowy band from Newcastle, The Unit Ama have been active for a little while now. This self-titled album was recorded in 2003, although released by Gringo not until 2005. The band's approach to songcraft owes much to Rumah Sakit and the better-known Storm and Stress -- bands whose recordings date back quite … [Read more...]

Brown Angel – Your Life Is Heaven

Brown AngelYour Life Is HeavenSo this is the final time you will read about Adam MacGregor, unless I find pages for Fate Of Icarus & Creation Is Crucifixion, then I might resurrect his name. Who am I kidding? If I could find pages for those bands, then I will definitely write up reviews for them. Anyway, the final band in the series is Brown … [Read more...]

Owen – At Home With Owen

OwenAt Home With OwenThere is a wall of crisis that indie-rockers hit: a lack of overwhelming success or acclaim mixed with friends who used to crowd the backstage freebies no longer finding their bohemian, road-wearied lifestyle all that appealing. Girlfriends want to become wives, want to live in an apartment for longer than the space between … [Read more...]

Micah P. Hinson and the Opera Circuit – S/T

Micah P. Hinson and the Opera CircuitS/TThe term alt-country and the title of this disc are a bit deceiving. This is not a play set to music with all of the words sung to orchestral accompaniment, nor is it anything like the country in "country and western". It is instead the heartfelt, back-porch musings of one Micah P. Hinson, a young ex-con … [Read more...]

Harvey Milk – Special Wishes

Harvey MilkSpecial WishesHarvey Milk has been putting out music on and off for quite some time now. You’ll have to excuse me then, because their newest offering is serving as my introduction. From what information I’ve read about the band, their fan base is a cult-like one, anyways. Judging from the slow, chugging axe work and howling, scratchy … [Read more...]

Creation Is Crucifixion – Burn The Churches (A Manifesto)

Creation Is CrucifixionBurn The Churches (A Manifesto)I don't even know what to say here about this band. Creation Is Crucifixion is beyond seminal in my life, ranking up there with Unbroken in importance to me. This is the band that changed my political stance irrevocably for the better. Their performances were life affirming spectacles to behold, … [Read more...]

…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – So Divided

...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of DeadSo DividedFirst a little gripe, then I swear I'll get to the review. I hate when record companies, especially big ones like Interscope, don't send a real cd. I like being able to look at the artwork while I listen to the cd ... it just leaves me feeling empty. Anyway, to the review of the new ...And … [Read more...]