The Lucksmiths – A Hiccup in Your Happiness EP

The Lucksmiths
A Hiccup in Your Happiness EP

More light, summertime pop from Australia’s brilliant Lucksmiths. Just finding a new release from this band is enough to put a smile on your face. Proving themselves at the forefront of the genre in a career that spans eight albums and more than 10 years, the Lucksmiths drop perfect 3:30 pop songs the way some folks take breaths. It’s second nature, and it’s effortless.

The instrumentation on the title track is really the song’s drawing point. Lush and filled with horns and strings and 60s pop guitars and shimmering beats, the otherwise mid-paced song takes on a life of its own, startling in its heartbreaking melancholy. But that’s just the single. The three exclusive songs are worth the asking price too.

“From Macaulay Station” is a quieter track, moody vocals accompanied by acoustic guitar and some deep, rich cello flourishes. I was waiting for the poppier tune, which shows up on “Rue Something,” a lush mix of harmonies and acoustic and electric guitars. Finally, “To Absent Votes” returns to the mid-tempo pop song, painting a quiet picture in its lyrics and instrumentation.

I feel that the Lucksmiths have gotten a bit more serious on us over the years. That’s to be expected, as the musicians get older, I suppose. The bouncier songs are fewer, the melancholy songs more common. But every song is as good or better than the last, and with immaculate production, the result is brilliance. Limited to 1,000 copies with liner notes from comedian Daniel Kitson, this EP is a fun little gem.