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Milton and the Devils Party – What Is All This Sweet Work Worth?

Milton and the Devils PartyWhat Is All This Sweet Work Worth?Milton and the Devil's Party want you to know how smart they are. The quote P.B. Shelly in the liner notes. Their name is explained at length in the liner notes as well. But, the music contained inside just doesn't sound that smart. It sounds banal, and oh so familiar. What Is All … [Read more...]

Of Montreal – Satanic Twins

Of MontrealSatanic TwinsIn this age of mashups (which, in case you haven’t been reading the blogs, is when you take two different songs and mix them together to create an occasionally decent synthesis), it is rare to find one that is done seriously and not done out of morbid curiosity or for comedic effect. Yes, it is very funny that “Boulevard of … [Read more...]

The Close – Sun, Burn

The CloseSun, BurnThere was a first impression built beyond my normal expectations when I received this. Terms tossed around like "D.C. post-hardcore" and "The Dismemberment Plan", Jawbox" had me expecting something in my line of duty. The advertising is slightly false, as it didn't pan out to become the album I was hoping for. Sun, Burn delivers … [Read more...]

The Hidden Cameras – Awoo

The Hidden CamerasAwooAlthough much has been made of the "out-and-proud" homoeroticism of Joel Gibb's Canadian collective - The Hidden Cameras - behind all the risque gesticulation beats a heart of unpretentious pop ambition. So whilst numerous borderline-homophobic hacks hunting for an easy angle on Gibb's muse have headed directly for the randy … [Read more...]

The Melvins – We Reach: The Music of The Melvins

The MelvinsWe Reach: The Music of The MelvinsIn a few adjectives, here’s the outsider’s cocktail-party crib-sheet on We Reach, an 18-track love letter to underground legends The Melvins: long overdue, sometimes intense but, ultimately, pretty disposable. If you’re not a fan of The Melvins, you can pretty much stop reading right there. For those who … [Read more...]

The USA Is A Monster – Sunset at the End of the Industrial Age

The USA Is A MonsterSunset at the End of the Industrial AgeEverybody hates hippies. That hippies suck is the one assumption that jocks and geeks, punks and emo kids, even cats and dogs, can agree on. Patch wearin’, incense burnin’, peace lovin’, Lennon-quotin’ hippies are the bane of many a man’s existence. If I owned a gun (which I don’t), I’d go … [Read more...]

Lousy Robot – Smile Like You Are Somewhere Else

Lousy RobotSmile Like You Are Somewhere ElseOctober is a weird month here in the Pacific Northwest. From the minute spring temperatures rise above 60 degrees up until now, people flock outside to enjoy the endless green forests and shining waters. Every summer I look around me and think there can’t possibly be another place as amazing as this … [Read more...]

Parhelia – First Light

ParheliaFirst LightInstrumental music is a tough style for many people to relate to. With no vocals to be had you are either going to find yourself disinterested or sucked in to the music. There isn’t much middle ground, because let’s face it - if you think of instrumental music as background noise you aren’t likely to slip the disc in more than … [Read more...]

The Draft – In A Million Pieces

The DraftIn A Million PiecesThe Draft plays solid, driving rock songs with a strong post-punk influence. The band includes members of the recently defunct Hot Water Music. That band took its name from a Bukowski book; other than that, I don't know much about HWM. Nevertheless, The Draft's debut album, In A Million Pieces, is an album punk rock … [Read more...]

Bullet For My Valentine – Hartford – Dodge Music Center, CT – 2006-10-04

Bullet For My ValentineWhere: Hartford - Dodge Music Center, CT.When: 2006-10-04The typical large-venue heavy metal show in 2006 generally caters to an older, nostalgic audience with an appetite for the hits that made the artist big in their heyday. Bands like Motley Crue, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Metallica are content to rest on their … [Read more...]