Crystal Castles – xxzxczx me

Crystal Castles
xxzxczx me

Thank god for drum machines & sequencers. I am in love with this band. Fractured, disjointed keyboards layered with manic vocals that recall Black Cat #13 makes for a really sexy song. I am glad that bands like this are around to combat the boredom of straight forward guitar bands. Heavily indebted to both San Diego & Providence, this is the type of song that makes you want to bush off the dust from your roland, get drunk, & make some music with your friends.

A lot of people complain about music like this, saying there are no hooks or melodies & that it is a lot of noisy trash with no thought behind it. I disagree to a certain extent. Yes, there are some bands who just have sped up drums with a lot of noise riding a top of it just to be noisy, but there are a lot of bands who put tons of thought & effort behind every song. Crystal Castles definitely fall into the latter category of these groups, as not all of their songs fall into this category. I chose this song though because it appealed to me the most & showed how innovative I think this band is.