Young Widows – Settle Down City

Young Widows
Settle Down City

When singer Steve Sindoni parted ways with Breather Resist late last year, the remaining members decided to keep writing and recording together. Funny thing is, when they finished the new album, they realized they were a new band. That band is Young Widows, and their album Settle Down City sounds good, a lot like The Jesus Lizard. It’s a perfect marriage of post-punk and noise rock with misshapen chords chugging and spewing over grooving bass lines and liberated drums. Guitarist Evan Patterson took most of the vocal duties, doing a pretty mean David Yow.

The music is brooding, melody is sacrificed for color, and the beats aren’t 4/4. Many people will find the music inaccessible, grating. That’s their problem. There is a recklessness here that seems purely intellectual. Sex and drugs have done a lot for rock n’ roll – good and bad – but rarely do they inspire a break from the visceral. Here, you get a heaping helping of both mind and bodily abuse.

After a weak opening track, the album Settle Down City starts its lunging, lumbering trek down a dark hallway. The track “Almost Dead Beat” is aggressive, but a slower delirium follws with “Glad He Ate Her”. Track 4, “Small Talk”, stays steady, and then the excellent “Formererer” ascends to noise between a stomping, crushing bass. The album continues in this vein, littered with anguishing highs and satisfying lows, elbowing you out of the path on its way towards a brick wall, or an open window, or whatever spins at the end of that dark hallway.