The Goodbye Kiss – The Goodbye Kiss EP

The Goodbye Kiss
The Goodbye Kiss EP

After writing reviews for awhile, I have started to predict what I’ll hear based on visuals alone. The Goodbye Kiss has cover art of enlarged black and white prints, and of course their name, which both had me assuming they might be an emo band. It just had that overall “look” to it. I’m not too shabby at this, because it’s pretty much a throwback to 90’s emo darlings like Mineral.

The material contains five songs which are drawn out, but capable of holding your attention too. That’s mostly in part to the churning guitars that remain in motion too much for you to grow disinterested. My only gripe with the five songs on here concerns the end track, “Washing Waters.” They should have picked a distortion with a smoother transition from the melodic clean parts. I’m all for hearing loud-soft dynamics in these type of bands, but they can surely incorporate it more naturally.

I gravitated towards this after one listen, and I’d also think fans of The Goodbye Kiss’ emo ancestors will concur. They obviously aren’t on an equal playing level with those bands, but I’m interested to see what they do next.