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Candy Bars – On Cutting Ti-gers in Half and Understanding Narravation

Candy BarsOn Cutting Ti-gers in Half and Understanding NarravationIt often seems that quality songwriting, even in the independent scene, is overlooked by catchy guitar riffs and matching pinstriped suits. Likewise, it is also not often that an almost unheard of band can completely surpass the quality of most popular and established bands. … [Read more...]

Latterman – …We Are Still Alive

Latterman...We Are Still AliveHow do you like your punk rock? Do you appreciate the importance and meaning behind "the only band that matters", the Clash? Do you want your punk to be meaningless fun, with songs about masturbation and getting revenge on your stupid friends, like early Green Day? Do you want your punk band to have their tongue … [Read more...]

Young Widows – Settle Down City

Young WidowsSettle Down CityWhen singer Steve Sindoni parted ways with Breather Resist late last year, the remaining members decided to keep writing and recording together. Funny thing is, when they finished the new album, they realized they were a new band. That band is Young Widows, and their album Settle Down City sounds good, a lot like The … [Read more...]

The Brother Kite – Waiting for the Time to Be Right

The Brother KiteWaiting for the Time to Be RightIn 1987, Disney released The Brave Little Toaster, an animated film that, if a bit frightening for some children, succeeded at winning the hearts of the nation’s youth and even garnering an Emmy nomination. The cartoon was memorable for its characters, a sundry group of household appliances who … [Read more...]

The Matches – Decomposer

The MatchesDecomposerDecomposer, The Matches' second album, is a haven for high school iconography, but not as one would assume. Rather than through the lyrics or instrumentation, the album's keystone rests in the liner notes. Lending assistance is a cavalcade of big names, including Tim Armstrong (Rancid), John Feldmann (Goldfinger), Mark Hoppus … [Read more...]

Bonnie "Prince" Billy – The Letting Go

Bonnie "Prince" BillyThe Letting GoHaving delivered himself to a peak of naked beauty with 1999’s sublime I See A Darkness, Will Oldham somehow seemed to lose the momentum he’d spent the preceding six or so years building-up (via various Palace and self-monikered releases). Perhaps no longer feeling a need to prove himself - especially … [Read more...]

The Goodbye Kiss – The Goodbye Kiss EP

The Goodbye KissThe Goodbye Kiss EPAfter writing reviews for awhile, I have started to predict what I'll hear based on visuals alone. The Goodbye Kiss has cover art of enlarged black and white prints, and of course their name, which both had me assuming they might be an emo band. It just had that overall "look" to it. I'm not too shabby at this, … [Read more...]

The Cardigans – Super Extra Gravity

The CardigansSuper Extra GravityBy now, you probably know what to expect from a Cardigans album. Nina Persson's singing remains the hallmark of the band's sound on Super Extra Gravity, much as it did when the band's "Lovefool" turned them into superstars. The slick, light sound of "Lovefool" may be what people remember most about the band, but it … [Read more...]

Fucked Up – Hidden World

Fucked UpHidden WorldHardcore, man. I’ve seen all kinds in my time. Taboo porno. Crazy skaters. Punk rock: music with a message, screamed rather than sneered, and played faster than anything on this side of metal. Intensity, energy, Fucked Up. For a band that plays simple punk songs, Toronto’s Fucked Up certainly doesn’t skimp on the passion. … [Read more...]

Timothy Bailey And The Humans – Ecoutez! Ecoutez!

Timothy Bailey And The HumansEcoutez! Ecoutez!You would think that someone who co-led two bands, toured extensively for several years, burned out, dropped out (of the music scene and grad school), suffered a nervous breakdown, recovered and decided to return to music, would return with a vengeance. Such is the life of Richmond VA's Timothy Baily … [Read more...]