Scanners – Violence is Golden

Violence is Golden

London’s Scanners are a good band, churning out energetic rock with punk and pop sensibilities. On their best material, bassist and singer Sarah Daly belts out full-bodied lyrics with urgency while guitarist Matt Mole swings sweaty guitar riffs around like a broken bottle. A straight-ahead rock album, Scanners’ Violence is Golden throws few curveballs. Nevertheless, the material is at once classic and modern with enough dynamics and song variety to keep it interesting.

Standout tracks are the opener, “Joy,” a black leather jacket song that perfectly introduces Scanners; second track, “Low Life,” which plays like a rough-around-the-edges, female-led Clap Your Hands Say Yeah; track 6, “Air 164,” a strutting punk-rock song; and title track, “Violence is Golden,” which is just the band breaking some tables and chairs on the way out. Of the remaining tracks, four are quality rock songs largely eclipsed by the other material and three are slow album-pacers that, although ambitious, miss the mark.

So Violence is Golden is not a perfect album, but the material is good enough to position the band for success. And if the band is as image conscious as the musical swagger indicates, then these guys won’t mind appearing on MTV one bit. But whether they are posturing for impressionable teenyboppers or playing through trebly computer speakers, Scanners know how to rock. The band’s talent has not gone unnoticed, so even if this is the first time you are hearing of Scanners, it likely won’t be your last.